The artist and long-time fine art photographer works and resides in San Diego, California. As primary media he concentrates on photography, acrylic and oil on canvas, and mixed media techniques. Among his many other interests are sculptures, video and film. He has a broad background in media, communications and the natural sciences (including a PhD in science).

Manss derives much of his inspiration from Nature’s patterns and textures. His works often transform inanimate objects into faces, designs and complete figures that present our environment in a different, more intimate perspective.

Through a juxtaposition of images some of his work captivates movements in time and space, creating enchanted sceneries with animals at center stage. His Heron Dreams series orchestrates the grace, agility and elegance of these birds into evocative, dramatic, romantic, sometime surreal symphonies of pure natural beauty.

His works levitate between fantasy and mysterious quantum space, leaving the viewer in meditative explorations of familiar memories, dreams and perhaps alien realities.

In his recent Eden series, he presents seemingly futile avian attempts to evade environmental infernos of a disintegrating planet. The series Through the Looking Glass is an intriguing journey into a realm where imagination ostensibly morphs into reality.

Whether it is a serene landscape or abstract painting, Manss consistently presents a bold, new view of our surroundings. As one art critic recently remarked, his ‘work is characterized by a sense of impromptu and instinctive freedom’.

His fine art and photographic work has been exhibited at over 30 juried group and solo shows in San Diego, Pasadena, Florence, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Toronto and Merida. He is recipient of many national and international awards and his work has appeared in a number of publications

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