Ernst Marow, born 1934 in Königsberg in Neumark (now in Poland), studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, student of Heinrich Graf Luckner and Gerhard Fietz. Marow decided in 1969 against the spirit of abstraction, burned his non-representational images, and turned to nature and the real reality.

Marows images correspond to the realistic form of presentation of the artist and reveal the substantiality of reality, on the paintings, things in their full presence start a second life from visible and thinkable, the dimensions are widening of what is possible in the viewer… Focus of his current creation is next to the painting, the graphic, in the years 2000 - 2012 was Marows graphical masterpiece ‘FOR ULYSSES - 105 etchings to The Odyssey’ Since the first solo exhibition in 1972 “Realism from the kitchen garden” in the Brusberg Gallery in Hannover many further exhibitions followed.

Works of the artist are in collections of in Germany and abroad. -Vita- Born in 1934 in Koenigsberg / Neumark (now in Poland) 1945 Flight into Lower Saxony 1954 Baccalaureate 1955 - 1959 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin 1969 decision to study the reality against prevailing Tachism 1972 first exhibition at the Brusberg Gallery, Hannover ‘Realism from the kitchen garden’ (With the Spanish realists Lopez, Garcia and Quintanilla) ‘Nature in image and imagination’

- Exhibition in Hannover 1973 Exhibition in the ‘Villa Hammerschmidt’, Bonn ‘German Association of Artists’ - exhibition in Berlin 1974 ‘Art Market Cologne’ - exhibition of Brusberg Gallery ‘Drawings’ - issued by the “New Group Munich” 1976 ‘Aspects of Realism’ - international traveling exhibition (With Petrick, Sorge and Köthe) ‘Retrospective’ at Kunstverein Mannheim (with Volkmar Oellermann) Reportage on ZDF about the artist - Movie review “AGAINST THE CURRENT” - 1977 ‘Rainbows for a Better World’ exhibited in ‘Württembergische Kunstverein’ in Stuttgart 1978 ‘New Images from Lower Saxony’ issued in Brusberg Gallery Hannover

1980’s German artist covenant ‘- exhibition in Hanover, the artist received for his works the ‘Lower Saxony Artist Fellowship’ 1981 Exhibition in the “Art Forum”, Rottweil Exhibition in “Sprengel - Museum”, Hannover For his ‘Draw Generic work’ the artist received the “Bernhard - Sprengel - Award” 1982 ‘landscapes and still lifes’ - issued in Brusberg Gallery Berlin 1983 dedicated the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Art Ernst Marow the Volume 19 of the series “Lower Saxony Contemporary Artists” published by Westermann Verlag, Braunschweig 1986 ‘New Images’ - exhibition at the Art Circle Hameln 1990 Exhibition in the Brusberg Gallery Berlin with Max Uhlig 1993 “Realism Triennial ‘at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin

1996 ‘The Power of Images’ European realism 1999 ‘landscapes’ in the ‘Kubus’ in Hannover 2000 - 2012 created Ernst Marow the ‘Radiersuite’ ‘FOR ULYSSES - 105 etchings to The Odyssey’ 2004 ‘paintings and etchings to the Odyssey’ Dual exhibition in the ‘Kunstverein Norden’ 2007 ‘For Odysseus - exhibited a selection of the etchings to the Odyssey in Brusberg Gallery Berlin