My work is concerned with the re-interpretation and re- contextualisation of aesthetics and space, creating a new focus for the viewer that encourages them to re-evaluate the world around them.

In my photography I experiment with graphic images of abstracted reality and texture that act as ambiguous commentaries on contemporary culture. This mode of aesthetic expression explores the essence of our contemporary surroundings, and scrutinises how we engage with these surroundings ourselves.

I also create environments using immersive soundscapes in my practice to give life to the works, offer them further layers of meaning, and heighten the senses of the viewer. Here I am finding a harmony and synchronisation of media, a carefully choreographed exploration of space and aesthetic.

My work explores urban living and I afford the images ambiguity, which in turn opens them up to new meanings, new ways of being perceived and new ways for them to communicate with the viewer. I am essentially finding a visual language that explores our contemporary environments, capturing a sense of urban anxiety but at the same time celebrating the results.

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