“Cinematic” comes to mind when I look at these photos. They show a stormy drama that creeps into otherwise sunny days. Movement and stillness play off each other in almost-apocalyptic landscapes. But the impressions are beautiful. They invite you to dream.” Featured Artist, February 2014

Originally an oil painter, Mark was inspired by the color and spatial distortions of vintage photography and their effect on how we understand the subject. Mark works with vintage film cameras, expired films, false color films and film development processes to render the subject not as it’s experienced but as it may be remembered.

“Breathtaking, spectacular, exceptional – these are just some of the praises received by this surreal and moody landscape” Featured Artist, April 2014

Mark has been a creative professional for over 14 years, beginning as a web and graphic designer in the hi-tech industry, and working latter as an Art Director for consumer products. Most recently he was the Creative Director for the Silicon Valley Community Foundation where for 5 years he was part of a multiple award winning team including receiving a special recognition award for ‘Excellence in Design’.

“With it’s bright colors and a hint of graphic Pop Art, M. L. Hannah uses film photography to capture moments like these, deserted from people yet still friendly and inviting.” Featured Artist, May 2014

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