Anna Mazzotta, one of the youngest winners of the prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize, trained at The Wimbledon School of Art and The Royal College of Art. Her artworks feature in many public and private collections, most notably in those of Robert & Susan Kasen Summer and the royal photographer John Hedgecoe.

Anna Mazzotta’s artwork is featured in The Susan Kasen Summer and Robert D. Summer Collection of contemporary British painting – Amazon:Books Painting primarily from memory, a technique that gives her art a far more personal feeling, Anna’s work has an emphasis in capturing the essence of home and leisure she observed in her childhood.

Anna’s artwork has been described as a cross between Beryl Cook and Paula Rego, showing an intimate world where strong women characters share conspiracies, affection and jokes.

Anna says: “My painting is a way of seeing the world, thinking – feeling, showing sensations, not just the mechanics of a scene, but instead emphasising energy, life and the letting the inner innocence of the characters come forth.”

Anna’s paintings are larger than life in many respects. A typical sized painting measures 1.5m x 1.2m and are suffused with the energy you’d expect from burlesque and theatrical influences.