“Searching the back country of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in Canada I look for the rock cuts, canoe routes, forests and lakes for the vivid subject matter that I paint.”- Eileen Halfpenny

Eileen Halfpenny has artwork collected around the world by patrons in Europe, U.S. and Canada. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind original, no copies are printed or sold. Eileen paints the beautiful natural scenery of the world around Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada and is inpired by the changing seasons.

The eastern shore of Lake Superior comes to life in E. Halfpenny’s inspired watercolors.  Well away from the populated areas of Ontario and the highways that connect them, Halfpenny searches through land “wild with nature” for a feeling to share with her viewers.  This feeling of happiness, serenity, and self-realization is the direct product of a communion between the artist and nature itself, and Halfpenny captures this sensation and translates it beautifully into art.
Working from reference photos, Halfpenny starts with a light sketch, gradually working in her washes and blocking out color.  The focal points of her pieces are further brought out by pen work, establishing a three dimensional plane.  Halfpenny is more than capable of emulating other styles in her work, as one might find traces of Art Nouveau, Abstract Expressionism, or Impressionism. Yet, the paintings maintain their own identity and sense of control.  As an admirer of Cézanne, Halfpenny uses her watercolors to honor his comment to Émile Bernard: “To achieve progress nature alone counts, and the eye is trained through contact with her.”

“This area of Canada is wonderful for the “Outdoor Person” because everywhere you look you will uncover new vistas. I like to go deeper into the scene I paint and show you new discoveries through my art. I want you to discover things you might not have noticed before. I have also added new florals to this site.”